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PEX35 and counting

Peroxisomes is all about PEXes! So who would have thought that one day we would ourselves being involved in finding a new PEX? There you are: PEX35. But this last addition to the PEX list is the result of a great collaboration by the Rehovot-Göttigen dream team that took off when Maya and I were waiting for our respecitve flights after the first Endoplasmatic reticulum-meeting in Girona. Since then, Ido, Einat, Silva, Uri, and Eden, together with fantastic collaborators in Heidelberg, Kaiserlautern and Odense have done great work that led to the discovery of a new gene encoding a peroxisomal protein that regulates peroxisome abundance, possibly through the GTPase Arf1.

Peroxisomes: PEX35 - a new yeast PEX
A new PEX protein in yeast: PEX35, in this figure labeled by its systematic name Ygr168c

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