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Julia Hofhuis

Julia studied Molecular Medicine in Göttingen. She conduced her PhD working on Dysferlin and investigating its cellular and molecular function in skeletal and heart muscle. She analysed functional translational readthrough of malate dehydrogenase and the re-interpretation of the genetic code by readthrough. Since 2016, Julia works as a Postdoc in SFB1002 on the 'Role of peroxisomes in heart metabolism and heart failure'.


Ignacio Lobos Matthei

Ignacio studied biochemistry at the Universidad de Chile. He conducted his MSc studies in Molecular Medicine at the University Medical Center in  Göttingen. Currently, he is working on his PhD, studying the readthrough-dependent peroxisomal dehydogenases.


Yelena Sargsyan

Yelena studied Medical Sciences at Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia and MSc in Cardiovascular Sciences at University Medical Center in Göttingen. She is currently working on her PhD focused on calcium in peroxisomes.

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Sven Thoms

Sven studied chemistry and biochemistry in Konstanz, Brighton, and Witten and worked with Stefan Jentsch at the ZMBH in Heidelberg and at the Friedrich Miescher Labor of the Max-Planck Society in Tübingen. At the University of Bochum, in the Department of Ralf Erdmann,  he fell in love with peroxisomes. He has been fortunate to be able to work on peroxiomes ever since. Reseach interests of the lab include peroxisomes, dysferlin, and translational readthrough.

Maya Walper

Maya studied medicine at the Universtiy Medical Center in Göttingen. She was accepted by the Else Kröner Fresenius Kolleg and conducted her MD thesis in our department studying reactive oxygen species in mouse and cell models.


Adrian Fierenz

Adrian studied medicine at the University Medical Center in Göttingen. With in his MD project, supported by the  Else Kröner Fresenius Kolleg, he studied translational readthrough in several rare diseses, including Rett syndrome.


Mirco Schilff

Mirco, after passing the Physikum in Göttingen, was admitted to the Else Kröner Fresenius Kolleg at the University Medical Center in Göttingen. He conducted a study on translational readthrough of premature stop codon mutations in Pex5.


Current lab rotation students and research assistants

Fatima Kanwal Baig

Juhi V

Anna Grönke


Uta Bickmeyer  cand. Dr. med.

Lydia Bartsch  MSc (Mol Med)

Kristina Bersch  Dr. rer. nat.

Kareem Soliman  Dr. rer. nat.

Marco Schmidt  Msc (Biology)

Aisha Ghuman  MSc (Cardiovascular Sciences)

Clara Vazquez Garcia  MSc (Mol Med)

Ina Zimmermann  BSc (Mod Med)

Rosemol George   Dr. rer. nat.

Elisa Kolander   MSc (Mol Med)

Christopher Nötzel   MSc (Mol Med)

Judith Büntzel   Dr. med.

Fabian Schüren   Dr. med.

Jessica Frick   Dr. med.

Jana Rabenau  Dr. med.

Ken Okuda   Dr. med.

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